Tuesday, July 3, 2012


STAR: Topshop dress. Vintage sunglasses. Mandy Coon 'Ginny' Bunny bag & vintage jewelry throughout.
Happy Independence Day in navy silk star dress bedecked with bows at hips. No flags harmed in making this frock, just Brit high street style. The holiday is tomorrow, but I'll be busy boating, summer reading & grilling vegetarian shish kebab. Wearing stars makes sartorial choices more magical - see starry pastel plastic barrette.
Carven blouse. Madewell 'Maud' skirt. Topshop barrette. / See by Chloé top (last worn HERE). Topshop skirt.
Black leather skirts, mini enough to wear heavy fabric in heat... Madewell pleated lovely + Carven lace-appliquéd silk-organza twill shirt = Parisian polish. Mint sheer material contrasts with cream cotton collar. Topshop straight skirt studded with gold is so tiny, I may trim hem with lace. Studs are stars before they shoot.


  1. You look sO pretty, it's a shame! I adore your lovely dotted studded skirt!
    Lots of kisses from the Countess!

  2. hi there! this may seem a bit strange but that pastel star bow barrette from topshop, there's no chance you want to sell it? I've searched aaall over the web for it but I can't find it anywhere :( I live in Sweden and are willing to pay whatever you think is a good price :) sorry if this seems odd, haha.


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