Monday, September 12, 2011

Loofah Tutu

"Another week to live in a dream / & another row of early mornings / in an almost never-ending stream / doesn't talk very often / kind of shy & uncertain... / Nina, pretty ballerina / now she is the queen of the dancing floor / this is the moment she's waited for / just like Cinderella" - ABBA, Nina, Pretty Ballerina
Vintage jewelry, clutch, scarf (worn as top), YSL espadrilles. D&G skirt (last worn HERE).
I'm no PM ballerina, preferring to dance day & night alike away. Tulle tutu similar to yesterday's pouffy petticoat but more winsomely twirlsome. How pleasant to know one's walking around with Little Miss Muffet's portable tuffet. Wrapped like precarious present in mustard organza picnic plaid scarf, pinned with brooch.


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