Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fairy Light

EASTERN PROMISES: Hiroshige, Evening Shower at Atake & the Great Bridge from 100 Famous Views of Edo
Watching city from window, orange juice sun pouring through glass. Luxuriously hibernating several stories up in the sky, wearing vintage faux fur capelet like snow leopard in lair. An old fashioned movie star would wear it to a foreign film premiere circa 1930s Tokyo, lit by flickering Chinese paper lanterns.
Vintage capelet & bangles. Blumarine skirt (worn as dress - last seen HERE). Manolo Blahnik 'Hangisi' shoes.
Picture Jean Harlow loping in her bias-cut charmeuse gown, topped with this stole. A skirt-cum-strapless mini is my glamour gown. Its iris print is reminiscent of a rock garden's cherry blossom viewing party, lit by fairy lights. Even Eastern rainy days, such as Hiroshige's Evening Shower ukiyo-e print, are romantic.

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  1. love that capelet with that delicate dress! Gorgeous!


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