Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Long, Snow

Editing old photos gleaned gems from last winter's wonderland holiday in CT. Snowdrifts to shuttered windows whispered white noise: Come bathe in clean snow! Still in my sleep shirt, I leaped into leopard wellies & wrapped up in an embroidered scarf (from a summer's town fair) to play in snowy sunshine. Vintage scarf & Rowes coat (last worn HERE). Staring at Stars hat. Zoe Couture gloves. Tamara Henriques boots.
Snow angels at the snow ball caked cashmere gloves, furred cap, knit tights in powdery stuff that sizzled as I spread them over radiator to dry - luckily coldness vanishes after first few falls. Then I had a proper hot bath & breakfast & drove around making country calls after everyone's driveway was plowed.

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