Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunny

GREEN GIRLS: Tamara de Lempicka, Jeune Fille en Vert (ABOVE) & Atonement movie still (BELOW)
1930s gown envy: de Lempicka's Art Deco Jeune Fille & costume designer Jacqueline Durran's slinky satin worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement. This sensual Cubist painting echoes Ingres' elegance, while Durran's featherweight frock illustrates Ian McEwan's novel (wherein it's as developed as a character).Vintage necklace, dress (last worn HERE), Sportsworks cardi (last worn HERE). Delman shoes.
Ruched organza sallies sunny-side up - fanciness contrasts with oversized knit cardi. Admired Easter bonnets in Central Park while some tourists took photo with me because they liked my festive dress.

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  1. this dress is soooo cute. it looks so awesome with the knit cardi.


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