Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rouge Allure

LADY IN RED: Claude Monet, La Japonaise
Perfect painted scarlet dress worn by Monet's wife as La Japonaise - his brilliant colors allude to contemporary Parisians' yen for Japanese. Mme Monet wears a blonde wig that emphasizes her Western identity but is otherwise immersed in the Orient: geisha enraptured in a printed kimono, moseying among myriads of patterned paper fans. Reminds me to go to Chinatown for a traditional silk robe. ADAM sweater (last worn HERE). 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt (last worn HERE). Vintage headband & scarf. Chanel oxfords.
My red reveals a schoolgirl running away to join the Russian marching band... In cableknit sweater, mink headband, brass button skirt. Everybody wants to run away sometimes; when I do, I seek a far away home on the Continent: chateau in the Loire Valley, crumbling castle in Cornwall, keep in County Meath.


  1. That scarf is just stunning!


  2. This looks sexy!


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