Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nifty Vest

Joie dress (last worn HERE). Vintage necklaces, vest (last worn HERE) & Jcracker's boots.
Family visit to CT on the first glorious spring weekend. Giddily spun around my backyard, mourning trees cut down in the name of a view since I was last here: gone are ones with climbably low branches, inedible apples, a wood swing... I'm a country girl again as soon as I slip on these cowboy boots.
SUNNIES: Two for the Road film still
Sun-worshipping in a spotty dotty dress & little boy's vest. These plastic shades are ringers for Audrey Hepburn's in Two for the Road - adore her adventures through Europe in a skinny minnie mod wardrobe.

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  1. very cute look. love it.


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