Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodbye Elizabeth

Vintage necklace & Fred Leighton dress. Chanel shoes.
Fred Leighton is famously an antique jeweler to high society, but his first business venture was importing clothes to his shop in NYC. This 1960s romantic number was probably part of his Mexican bridal gown collection, characterized by lace & tucked cotton Victorian high-necked styles. Elizabeth Taylor might've worn an embroidered peasant dress to one of her weddings - the world lost a bright star today.
COLORLESS: Aubrey Beardsley, The Battle of the Beaux & Belles (above) & MB Parkinson, Cupid Awake (below)
This cameo is pure vintage treasure: a finely crafted brooch with loop becomes a pendant. Its lady's delicate profile is expressively flat, conveying the same elegance as Aubrey Beardsley's Art Nouveau ink illustrations. My ivory's sweetness is also suggestive of MB Parkinson's Cupid Awake: a popular Victorian photograph, usually paired with Cupid Asleep - recently I acquired the duo at an estate sale.

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  1. Love your dress! Reminded me of the Victorian era :)



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