Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girl, Gone

"A strange melancholy pervades me to which I hesitate to give the grave & beautiful name of sorrow. The idea of sorrow has always appealed to me, but now I am almost ashamed of its complete egoism. I have known boredom, regret, & occasionally remorse, but never sorrow. Today it envelops me like a silken web, enervating & soft, & sets me apart from everybody else" - Francoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse
Anna Sui dress. Vintage jewelry & headband (worn as necklace). Chanel shoes.
Recently re-watched the movie Bonjour Tristesse & fell more in love with Jean Seberg, playing insouciant ingénue Cécile. My antique ivory dress is something she might've worn her 17th summer on the French Riveria... Diamond lace, velvet burnout poppies, crinkled chiffon; shimmering lamé, scalloped hem, frayed edges. I experimented with this loopy velvet headband as a pussycat-sailor bow & prefer it.

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  1. As usual looking gorgeous! Love the dress and shoes! :)



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