Friday, January 28, 2011

Tall Drink of Flora

3.1 Phillip Lim cardi. Vintage necklace & Diane von Furstenberg for RE-7 dress. H&M headband. Betsey Johnson tights. Chanel shoes.
"I don't know,' Weetzie said, chewing her fingernails with their Egyptian decals. 'Now, look at these dresses,' Dirk said, opening the closet. Weetzie had never seen such great dresses - a black dress with huge silk roses on it, a cream chiffon dress embroidered with gold sequins, a gold lamé & lace coat, a white fox fur, a tight red taffeta dress. 'Lanky lizards.' Weetzie sighed" - Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat
I haven't worn this frock forever; it lay forlorn but not forgotten on the floor of my closet - luckily chiffon doesn't really crinkle. My pansied dress sprouts aquatic flora floating & falling in the depths of a squid ink sea. This is one of my few long (night)gowns - maxi dresses fare best in dry cold (wet hems bedraggle on snowflaked sidewalks). Chanel: Channeling cruisewear in a cardi-jacket, an avian crown, pearls... But mesmerized by couture's candlelit tweeds, embroideries, graphics - classic chic effortlessness.

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  1. that dress is SO pretty on you.. especially paired with that cardi. x


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