Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing but Navy & Fur

Elizabeth & James jacket. 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Vintage hat, necklace & belt (worn backward). Betsey Johnson tights. Chanel shoes.
"[She] let her hair hang loose, natural & it was that light blonde color... 'Why do you want this job, Miss Welles?' For some reason he felt nervous. Dammit, he was curious. She was dressed in plain dark linen & there wasn't a sign of jewelry except the small neat wristwatch, but there was something about her that made one certain she didn't need a job. 'I want to live in NY" - Jacqueline Susann, Valley of the Dolls
A plain dark outfit (matching navy chiffon frock & men's blazer) becomes wilder while exploring the animal kingdom... I couldn't resist playing with friendly furs: tawny rabbit snuggles cozily inside Elizabeth & James' cashmere jacket while vintage russet mink scurries around a headband. Usually hats always beat earmuffs for warmth, but this one keeps my whole head toasty. A chevron tooled leather belt cinches a waspy Dior waist & knee-length costume colored pearls populate flapper party dreams.


  1. this outfit's perfect. I love navy & I love fur.. therefore, perfection. :)

  2. Preciosa, tienes un blog genial.


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