Monday, January 31, 2011

Dolly Girl

Anna Sui dress. 3.1 Phillip Lim vest. Betsey Johnson tights. Chanel oxfords.
"We can take her [the doll] to a dressmaker & have her things made to fit. They will fit better if they are tried on'... So Emily was bought & actually taken to a children's outfitter's shop & measured for a wardrobe as grand as Sara's own. She had lace frocks too & velvet & muslin ones & hats & coats & beautiful lace-trimmed underclothes & gloves & handkerchiefs & furs" - Frances Burnett, A Little Princess
Sacré bleu: two blue dresses, two days in a row, both by Anna Sui?! This is no fashion faux pas but a study of Ms. Sui's seasonal designs (yesterday's spring 2010 versus today's fall 2009). These printed fabrications vary wildly - so says the girl with a dozen lace dresses (my eye intrinsically seeks life's subtleties). This flora-swirling silk is fit for a naiad, swimming shallowly with mermaids, luring fishermen with her frock like a siren song. No jewelry: just a gold military vest to complement the material's gilding.

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