Friday, December 31, 2010

Grande Odalisque

Anna Sui fall 2010 fashion show, look #44
Anna Sui dress. Vintage necklace (worn as belt). Fenton-Fallon necklace. Betsey Johnson tights. Chanel shoes.
"I take pictures of myself because it is by looking at these photographs that I know how I feel... Sometimes I pretty much know what I feel before I click the shutter, but still, it's nice to have the visual confirmation... A photograph is also nice because I can refer to it later. In this way, self-portraits are my own mood-stabilizing alternative to lithium" - Augusten Burroughs, Snap Judgment (Oct 2010 Allure)
Happy New Year - take photos for posterity! Costumed in a Starry Night dress (look #44 from Anna Sui's fall 2010 show) styled in ode to Ingres' Grande Odalisque painting. Galaxies infiltrate the iridescent panels of this star-stamped jacquard silk with details galore (tiers of lurex ruffles & pleats), topped with glowing pearlescent orbs & chained rhinestone ribbons. Watch Wintertide stars for fleeting moments of introspective illumination - Dec 2010 British Vogue is even dedicated to universal luminaries.

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  1. I loved that article as well.

    Happy New Year. Gorgeous gorgeous dress too!


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