Monday, November 29, 2010

Spiderweb Dress

Vintage necklace. Banana Republic ring.
Vintage dress & Miss Ashley belt (worn backward). Marc by Marc Jacobs slip. Chanel oxfords.
"Pretty little girl on the side of the road / Yellow hair in a yellow bow / Little thumb sticking in the exit lane / Two packs of smokes & a candy cane / With women hips & baby lips / A hallelujah book in the back of a pillow-slip / If she gets out of here too soon / She'll run fast by the shy of the moon / If she's been havin' the same old dreams / Of lullabies & pale blue skies" - The Wallflowers, Shy of the Moon
My 1950s nylon dress began life as an undergarment, but now it's the perfect gossamer frock when paired with a slip (or bikini cover-up when not). Its diaphanous layers are like cobwebs: transparent textures show sheer in sunlight & tear easily - wearer beware. This Oriental bottle is a souvenir from my mom's island vacation decades ago; its wildly romantic (secret) origins inspire me to carry it close to my heart.


  1. Lovely dress, it goes so beautifully with the golden-toned wallpaper (:

  2. love you style. your dresses are very beautiful


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