Friday, September 24, 2010

Velvet Rope

Vintage Gloria Sachs jacket, Perry Ellis scarf (worn as belt) & necklaces (one worn as headband). Vera Wang Lavender Label dress. Prada shoes.
"Her eyes they shone like the diamonds / You'd swear she was queen of the land, / & her hair hung over her shoulder, / tied up with a black velvet band / As I went out strolling one evening, / not intending to stray very far / I met with a frolicsome damsel" - Celtic Folk, Black Velvet Band
Fall flower frock + velvet jacket = Autumn in (upstate) NY. Usually I carefully curate my closet to display clothing for all conceivable occasions but am not immune to Variations on a Theme (i.e. white dresses, ballet flats & gold necklaces). While there are many rich iterations of velvet, I'm in love with its jacket incarnation & have two remarkably similar ones: this vintage one is long & collarless, while the other is a cropped closure-less tuxedo. Mixing materials is sartorially pleasurable: my strappy chiffon frock lends itself to layering under voluptuous velvet while air kissing my skin Underneath It All.

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