Monday, August 30, 2010

Black or White

Top photographs: Ella Moss white bikini. Maya cardigan. Vintage scarf.
Bottom photographs: Guess black bikini. Vintage shoe-clip (on bandeau), blouse & feather-clip (in hair).
Buying designer swimwear is easy breezy with SwimSpot's patented Bikini Builder - guaranteed to generate the perfect bathing suit for every girl under the sun. Usually I'm attracted to colorful bikinis, but SwimSpot's selection of black & white suits inspired me to bring elegance back to the beach with some ladylike layers... This black ruffled Guess bikini has a tuxedo top & skirted bottom; I pinned a vintage shoe-clip to the bandeau (which I removed before swimming) & slipped on an antique lace blouse. This white eyelet Ella Moss string bikini shimmies with wood beads; I added a summer-weight cashmere cardigan & silk scarf. My scarf illustrates 'The Story of Tea - 780 AD to 1840 AD': from Chinese fieldworkers harvesting tea leaves to colonial gentlewomen attending a tea party - a famous vintage find. Many thanks & Bain de Soleil kisses to SwimSpot for their finely curated swimwear collection & making summer last all year long.
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  1. I just bought the exact same vintage scarf at some random little shop and was wondering if you knew anything about it like the brand or something.I can't seem to find anything online. Thanks!


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