Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Pearl

Miu Miu dress. Vintage pearl necklace (worn as headband) & pearl necklace. Bamboo bangles. Prada sandals.
I walked into a church bazaar where strangers warmly congratulated me on the newspaper article I mentioned yesterday - I'm a local celebrity thanks to my vintage sartorial skills. My spiritual calling is to build a life-changing wardrobe worthy of Barbie by effortlessly suiting a range of occupations. Some modest fame didn't deter me from my mission: I beelined for the back rack of vintage clothing & emerged victorious with an armful of frocks. Next stop was the tailor, whom I directed to resurrect these golden oldies according to my vision. This Miu Miu mushroom frock drew new fans; I decorated it with ropes of pearls entwined around my hair/throat - the white globes glow like mini-moons against a periwinkle-purple sky.

1 comment:

  1. stunning dress, the abstract mushroom print is wonderful!


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