Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celery Go? Lettuce Leaf!

Vintage organza dress, flower headpiece, bead/pearl necklaces & bakelite/enamel bangles. Deena & Ozzy belt (worn backward). Diane von Furstenberg sandals.
An organza frock + a flora headpiece = 1950s bridesmaid cavorting after a backyard ceremony... Inspired by runaway bride Katharine Ross from the film The Graduate + gentle flower Mary Lennox from Frances Burnett's book The Secret Garden. Sometimes a story helps me embody Who I Want To Be (which changes daily); daydreaming about alternate lives rather than simply pondering clothes generates outfits seamlessly. Here I was drawn to the surprisingly groovy color combination of pale green & megawatt orange - organic produce from a community garden. Old fashioned girls accessorize with gloves & hats, but I opted for a pair of necklaces & trio of bangles (all from different eras) for some jeweled faerie magic.

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  1. love your quirky style.



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