Friday, June 25, 2010

Terra Firma Starfish

Vintage crepe dress, feather roach-clip (in hair) & wood necklace (worn as bracelet). Miu Miu sandals.
Fashion’s cyclical nature makes it possible to revisit any era & vintage clothing is my passport to gentler times... My peach of a dress hails from the 1940s; delicate beading swans around the shoulders, chest & hip. True story: I found this frock at a local antique boutique & my tailor (whose been sewing for over half a century) recognized it when I took it in to be hemmed! She remembered repairing the shoulder's embellishment with a pink flower (see first detail photograph) to contrast with the rest of the topaz starfish for the original owner, who had a cache of crepe tea dresses. These red feathers decorate one of my vintage roach-clips, which I use to pin back my hair; I collect them because they’re prettier than bobby pins.


  1. Sure a sweet dress, and I love the feathers in the hair!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  2. Love your shoes, and very unique bracelet!

  3. Oh that dress is so so beautiful! <3


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