Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Mother Lode

Frock! by Tracy Reese dress. Vintage aiguillette belt. Vintage pendant necklace worn as headband. Vintage Art Deco necklace. Vintage chain necklace worn as bracelet with flower pin. Flower tights. Chanel ‘2.55’ bag. Chanel ballerinas.
Happy Mother's Day! My mom is my Gilmore Girl best friend & I treasure our girlie get-togethers... I met her for brunch & vintage shopping in a petal frock - something comfortable to remove to try on new clothes. I'm pleased with the results of my 1950s punk customized corsage (I pinned a fabric flower to the chain wrapped around my wrist) but am newly in love with the armful of early 20th century crystal bracelets currently living at my favorite antique boutique. Still, I managed to satisfy myself with some 1920-40s dresses, while my mom acquired a sapphire brooch.


  1. I could gush about this outfit for ages! Gorgeous colour pallet. Loving the Chanel bag! Coveting your belt and necklace too - so quirkily mixed together. Very nice!

  2. OMG, that dress is just gorgeous! The whole outfit is amazing! <3

    So good you and your mom share that kind of interest... My mom hates vintage and thrift stores... Haha

  3. That outfit is fabulous ! Swear I could kill for your dress <3

  4. Gorgeous! Love the accessories, pulls it all together! Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

  5. Gorgeous,as always you have the most wonderful dresses.The necklace it's a perfect match for this belt.Nice to hear you have such a good relationship with your mother,can't wait to see your new dress and Happy belated Mother's Day.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams


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