Thursday, May 27, 2010

Princess of Darkness

Valentino Red dress. Vintage Perry Ellis scarf. Vintage gold bangle. Flower bag. Chanel ballerinas.
Fairy tale dragons are prone to kidnapping princesses until princes rescue them; in my real life fairy tale, I visit the dragon of my own volition... He lives in a spider web on the wrought iron door that guards an Ali Baba den of antiquities - land of happily-ever-after & my latest treasure resource. Today's princess costume: a tank dress spangled with starry sequins & hemmed with ruffled tulle trimmed with velvet ribbon. Two non-necklaces: 1) my rolled-up fish-printed scarf & 2) my flower purse’s chain strap (a delicate messenger bag fit for a pixie).


  1. Hi dear...

    LOVEEEEE your dress.... and red valentino <3


  2. I love all the detailing on your dress & your flower purse is lovely. <3

  3. I love the small touches on this one. The bag and scarf are exsquisite.

  4. Oh you look stunning as usual, darling! That dress and the bag are so beautiful! <3


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