Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lavender Fields

Vintage lace blouse. Hanes top. Joie leather skirt. Charm necklace. Vintage woven cuff. Chanel ballerinas.
This lavender lace blouse has been seducing hearts since the 1960s: sheer material bells from its sleeves, swoops across the bust & entwines my neck. I originally layered a silk camisole under it, but this wife-beater & leather skirt complement sweet with tough love better. Charms only have magical powers if they're collected individually over time & mean something to the wearer... An example par excellence - this necklace imparts luck on every outing: an aquamarine ringed in diamonds (my birthstone - a present for one of my earliest birthdays), a seashell (collected from a memorable beach vacation in Boca Raton, FL), a vintage gold pendant (my grandmother bought it in Israel) & a pink tourmaline (a souvenir from my sister's trip to Paris).

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