Thursday, May 6, 2010


Vintage Gloria Sachs velvet jacket. Fruit of the Loom top. Rebecca Taylor skirt. Vintage Escada belt. Pearl necklaces. Heart tights. Vintage Coach bag. Chanel ballerinas.
Heart tights = Valentines, Alice in Wonderland, a deck of cards - perfect for my friend’s poker party. My dad taught me the game & I’m a natural-born bluffer: girlish giggles until I reveal my royal flush – then I laugh all the way to the bank. Playing with boys doesn't prevent me from dressing like a lady in luxe textures: a velvet jacket, glitzy belt & strands of freshwater pearls.
Stylish analogy: high-waisted skirts are to wife-beaters what Mad Men’s Joan is to A Streetcar Named Desire’s Stanley. Life lesson: prim is devastatingly attracted to tomboy. News flash: The NY Times’ Style section recently featured my silk skirt in “A Parade of Patterns” fashion editorial.

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