Monday, May 10, 2010


Vintage B Altman & Co dress. Vintage Chanel belt. Tulle bow headband. Vintage chain necklace. Vintage cameo bracelets. Lace tights. Loeffler Randall ‘June’ booties.
"When she sang, the sea, / Whatever self it had, became the self / That was her song, for she was the maker. Then we, / As we beheld her striding there alone, / Knew that there never was a world for her / Except the one she sang &, singing, made" - Wallace Stevens, The Idea of Order At Key West
Blue skies + a flower-sprigged frock = summer. This crisp cotton dress has a floating bodice trimmed with a trio of rhinestone bow buttons; the nipped-in waist is further emphasized by a buckle belt. My cameo bracelets from different eras illustrate the art of faces through the ages: crystal flanked with pearls (1920s) & rusticated Roman coins (1970s).


  1. Love, love, loving the color of that dress. And it looks wonderful with gold. Well done, as always!


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