Sunday, May 16, 2010

American Woman

Vintage Lily Salet dress. Vintage Ralph Lauren belt. Vintage costume pearl & amethyst rings. American Apparel heart tights. Miu Miu shoes.
I don't often feel underdressed, but the American Women of the Met's "Fashioning a National Identity" exhibition outshone my vintage beige satin frock, even with its bow-bedecked front & fur-trimmed sleeves. The show demonstrated how the American woman's sartorial revolution of the 1890s-1940s mirrored her social emancipation & ultimately established contemporary style. My favorite galleries: heiresses (1890s) in silk ball gowns & flappers (1920s) in beaded evening chemises. I explored the exhibit "not only with the sense / Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts / That in this moment there is life & food / For future years" (William Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey) - a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration.

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  1. That exhibit sounds amazing. Love the outfit too.


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