Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scarlett She Said

Flower appliqué t-shirt. Rebecca Taylor skirt. Beaded bow headband. Vintage bakelite, gold & wooden bangles. Woven tights. Delman shoes.
Jeans & a t-shirt girl I am not, but this v-neck bedazzled me with its beads, rhinestones & ribbons. My scarlet silk skirt evokes 1) a black floral chiffon skirt I wore with a red corduroy bodysuit when I was a little girl, 2) a country nymph wandering the woods at twilight, searching for souls & 3) a gamine on holiday with her family in Cornwall circa 1920 (Dirty Dancing for the jet-set). Evidently Rebecca Taylor was also much inspired by this floral print for spring 2010 RTW: my skirt was look #34 from her fashion show & the fabric popped in pink/blue throughout her collection. The skirt's pleated A-line style swirls in satisfying swoops as I roam, the puffy breeze like familiar breath on my face.

1 comment:

  1. Looove your skirt, so pretty and unique. :)


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