Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plain White T's

Appliqué t-shirt. LAMB skirt. Vintage costume pearl brooch (at waist). Vintage chain & tuxedo-locket necklaces. Vintage pressed flower bangle. Tintoretta tights. Delman shoes.
My appliqué tee is the star of this outfit - I wish its flower design jazzed up the back too. I'm considering the retirement of this mini-kilt one of these days (I pinned the wide waistband with a pearl-drop brooch), but it continues to float miles above a pair of bordeaux velvet shoes for now. Traipsing through Chelsea today, I admired Clearview Cinemas' temporary red carpet (a tribute to the Tribeca Film Festival) & thoroughly explored the new Anthropologie at Chelsea Market (my heart remains with the flagship at Rockefeller Center). As much as I adore Petula Clark's paen to the Downtown lifestyle, I secretly prefer my Uptown Girl apartment.

1 comment:

  1. Love the print of this tee and the mini kilt is gorgeous with that brooch.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams


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