Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here on Earth

Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket. Betsey Johnson skirt. Vintage leather belt. Vintage Amy New York headpiece. Vintage animal & poison (a souvenir from my sister’s trip to Egypt) rings. Chanel ‘Maxi’ bag. Chanel ballerinas.
"Earth! / Fire! / Wind! / Water! / Heart!... / We're the planeteers, / You can be one too! / 'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do, / Looting & polluting is not the way, / Hear what Captain Planet has to say: / The power is yours!" - Phil Collins, Captain Planet
Green was the starting point for my Earth Day ensemble... I sallied forth in a gingham skirt & my fuzzy flower jacket to prettify the world. It wasn't until I was on the street that I realized I'm a study in coordinating separates: this flora headpiece matches the jacket, while my beige bag/shoes are brothers from the same mother (Mlle Coco Chanel). Eco fashion lines are trendy right now, but there's nothing like recycling golden oldies vintage - use the past to save our future.


  1. I loved Captain Planet and I love your outfit.The jacket and the skirt are gorgeous.I like how you've tied your belt around the jacket,it matches your flats.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  2. All your outfits are beautiful but this is definitely one of my favourites! The colours and textures just work so well. What a fabulous headpiece too!
    I really need to get myself some pastel toned gingham.

    Florrie x


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