Monday, April 26, 2010

Florence Nightingale

Vintage Ketchum-Uniformer cloak. Ralph Lauren sweater. 3.1 Phillip Lim leather skirt. Pearl-drop earrings. Vintage charm necklace. Satellite cuff. Crochet tights. Lanvin shoes.
Wool capes remind me of 19th century nurses (Florence Nightingale wrapped against the chill as she checks on patients) & boarding schools (a young wizard in dress uniform, rushing across Hogwarts’ campus). This child-sized cloak belonged to a student named Dee Finn (her name is written on the label); as I purchased it in CT, she probably attended one of the elite academies in the area. I revel in my cape’s red lining (revealed with every flap of wind) beneath its conservative navy exterior. Cloaks pair well with a clutch or handbag (no shoulder-bags) – best of all is to forego a purse for pockets. The rest of my outfit is neutral: a beige leather skirt (my favorite obsession) & a pair of gold foil ballerinas.


  1. Adore the cape I would love to find a nice vintage one. Will have to keep an eye out for one now.

  2. Love the cape, and the way you've paired it with a lighter outfit - on the rare occassion I see a black cape such as this being worn it's often with all-black, which really subdues its drama.

  3. Hay darling!
    It's my first time on your blog! He's so lovely! And your style is also great.

    Can your please check mine too? Maybe we can follow eachother? Please let me know!

    Love, Cindy

  4. Stunning outfit!

    x Krizia

  5. OMG, I LOOOOVE your cape ! You have a very particular sense of style, it's quite impressive. I'm glad I found your blog :)



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