Friday, April 30, 2010

Dandelion Dance

Vintage The Villager dress & belt. Vintage flower headpiece. Vintage shawl. Vintage flower, pearl & seashell rings. Ribbed tights. Delman shoes.
A lawn of dandelions by any other name would be weeds, but I prefer fields of gold to ones of emerald. My vibrant vintage frock & woven belt is dandelion-camouflage; the cotton dress originally grazed my ankles, but I yanked up its hem a few feet to show off my stems. I serendipitously found a shawl that could be my frock’s sister: Palm Beach-colored flowers snowflake around the silk triangular shape trimmed with fringe – I picture it draped across some grande dame’s piano to keep out the damp in a former life. Finishing touches: flora accents my cap & a fistful of rings shows off my latest tag sale stash.


  1. Another amazing and happy outfit from you! How lucky you are to afford all these different garments! ;) Your headpiece is LOVE!

  2. Truly awesome blog, all your outfits are perfection !


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