Monday, March 22, 2010

The Witching Hour

Piazza Sempione dress. Hadley Pollet belt. Birthday candle necklace worn as headband. Elephant/hamsa hand necklace. Vintage costume pearl necklace worn as cuff. Blue tights. Vintage jewel-box bag. Miu Miu shoes.
A little black dress makes a safe hiding place; this one has get-out-of-the-way epaulets & is woven with shiny strips. Feeling blue: a reversible floral cloth belt & a pair of blueberry tights. My vintage gold purse hails from the Middle East (via Israel/Turkey); I imagine it was carried by handmaidens to transport treasure to the sultan or accompanied noblewomen to banquets for cosmetic touch ups. The bag's hard exterior is a cross between a seashell & jewel-box; it swings from a long chain & hinges open to reveal blue velvet lining (including the cap). Peace in the Middle East with my lucky elephant/hamsa hand necklace - namaste.


  1. I love the belt and the whole ensemble =)

  2. That belt is such a cute pop of color. (:


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