Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's My Cherry Pie

See by Chloé tuxedo jacket. 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt. Linea Pelle love belt. Vintage Hermès scarf. Vintage Art Deco earrings. Vintage gold brooch. Moss agate ring (a souvenir from my trip to St Thomas). Betsey Johnson rose tights. Chanel ballerinas.
I begin my journey to Hermès heaven with a single scarf: it’s vintage (natch) & printed with a golden peach garden. Consider wearing a scarf in lieu of a necklace (it's far superior to a tangle of chains). French girls are schooled in the veiled intricacies of a folded scarf – here my scrap of silk is draped as an ascot. The scarf is the cornerstone of my outfit, but it plays fair with this fringed skirt (gossamer crepe & delicate beading form the essence of a flapper). Science + the art of fashion… Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion dictates that I rough up my feminine inclinations with a tuxedo jacket - I even attached a cascading gold brooch-cum-pocket-watch to be the consummate gentleman.


  1. You look so lovely- what fabulous tights!
    Hermes scarves are divine- I have a pastel toned vintage one with Masquerade type figures on and love it so.

    Florrie x

  2. Love this outfit. You look absolutely stunning!




  3. Beauty scarf.You look wonderful.


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