Thursday, February 4, 2010

Popcorn Popper

Vintage Saks Fifth Ave popcorn cardigan. Hanes top. LAMB skirt. J McLaughlin ladybug belt. Vintage costume crystal & charm necklaces. Costume amethyst ring. Nicole Miller windowpane tights. Delman boots.
The best vintage clothing has been treated with TLC all its life - the proof is in the pudding when a garment's genealogy is known. I treasure this wool popcorn cardigan not least because my mom bought it at Saks Fifth Ave 35 years ago: a deep v-neck feminizes the grandfather-shape & its four buttons are embossed with marijuana leaves (apparently Saks was the Lucien Pellat-Finet of the '70s). My kilt from Gwen Stefani's empire of sartorial/scented/sound creations breezes over a pair of blushing tights that matches my preppy ladybug belt. Little known fact: I collected J McLaughlin ribbon belts during my Lily Pulitzer period one fateful summer in Martha's Vineyard (chalk it up to my Upper East Side girl proclivity) - yes, birds/bunnies/frogs used to parade around my waist on a regular basis & I loved it.


  1. beautiful!! i love all the light colors and the texture of your sweater ;)

  2. i wanna see a closeup of those buttons!

  3. I love the color palette of your outfit - all light colors but none of them the same. I also love your belt - my island was always Nantucket but I've been known to have a thing for Lilly and the like.

  4. I love this outfit! The sweater is so pretty! The texture looks so cool. I really like your always!

  5. Gorgeous!
    I stumbles upon your blog.
    It's lovely.
    Maybe we can swap links?


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