Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Junk Food Rainbow Brite t-shirt. Betsey Johnson dress worn as skirt. Studded belt. Chanel snowflake earrings. Vintage costume engraved, twisted, woven & flower bangles. Emillio Cavallini tights. Marc Jacobs ‘Mina’ bag. Lanvin shoes.
"What are little girls made of? / Sugar & spice & everything nice" - Robert Southey, What All the World is Made of
I always loved Valentine's Day: hugs & kisses & flowers, oh my! Today's look is inspired by my girlhood... I wore a faded Rainbow Brite t-shirt (the 80's cartoon supergirl committed to coloring the world) over a gothic tulle dress, whose every rustle whispers of past bas-mitzvahs/sweet 16's/cotillions. Some elastic fabric makes a saccharin outfit a little more mod: it innovatively quilts this grape purse & stretches beneath the studs of my belt. A pair of bow tie shoes + a stack of bangles = ballerina cha-cha-cha.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog. I love all your outfits! You have a very eclectic taste, and seem to be able to pull of anything!



  2. Little tribute for you:


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