Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jewel Jamboree

Ralph Lauren jacket. Jill Stuart dress. Judith Jack belt. Fenton-Fallon necklace. ‘Love’ bracelet (a souvenir from St Thomas). Striped tights. Vintage Siso bag with Perry Ellis scarf. Chanel oxfords.
My lucky eyelet dress is a tabula rasa for accessories - sometimes a girl has to make a statement: my necklace screams, Hello Dolly! It features some chains clutching a setting of Swarovski crystals/Czech stones & a duo of beribboned bows, toughening up its gaudy glamour. A flurry of DIY activity consumed me this weekend, including tying a chiffon scarf near my tote's open-top & freshening up this herringbone jacket with a trio of flower buttons. Finishing touches include these sheer striped tights (mimicking the pattern of my blazer's pinstriped lining), while the belt's sparkling clasp returns full circle to the necklace.


  1. sooo cute!!

  2. That necklace is really gorgeous!

  3. The outfit is perfect -the jacket so gorgeous!

  4. what a lovely necklace! like the outfit


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