Friday, February 12, 2010

Bonnie Blue Butler

3.1 Phillip Lim jacket. Vintage jewelry, Albert Nipon skirt, Siso bag & Echo scarf (worn as belt). H&M headband. Chanel shoes.
Pablo Picasso had his Blue Period & now I'm in a blue mood myself: style luminary Alexander McQueen's death yesterday (fittingly during Fashion Month) shocked the world. His avant garde designs were provocative (i.e. the fall 2009 RTW collection that parodied seminal sartorial moments) but commerically successful - the elusive ideal.
I was inspired to be a bit offbeat in a bandleader jacket & a flouncy skirt; blue coats my jacket, peeps from my skirt & blinks from the fish eyes on my belt. A black lace hair bow contrasts with a beige bag whose 'H' clasp aspires to be Hermès. These red shoes remind me there's no place like home; I hope Mr. McQueen found his way home to his mom & Isabella Blow (the stylist/his best friend) who both recently passed away.

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  1. I'm really heartbroken about McQueen. You jacket is really cute.


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