Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue Hoo

Piazza Sempione dress. Vintage Peacock Silk Trading Inc scarf worn as belt. Vintage chain & vase necklaces. Vintage twisted bangle. Vintage feather & stone rings. White tights. Judith Jack bag. Lanvin shoes.
"Why make so much of fragmentary blue / In here & there a bird, or butterfly, / Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye" - Robert Frost, Fragmentary Blue
No worries: I didn’t undergo a life-changing haircut – simply pinned up my hair to experiment with bobbing it, the better to display my frock’s floral epaulettes. I confidently don this tweed shift dress for work, but it’s short enough to rival Mary Quant, Queen of Miniskirts. These white woven tights add to the mod mood & bring out the cream in my (wannabe Hermès) equestrian scarf. As a metallic maven, I'm a conduit for lustrous objects: my favorite pair of gold foil, bow bedecked Lanvin shoes dance divinely with this stingray bag - kissed with a costume diamond/onyx brooch clasp.


  1. love your blog, definitely a style inspiration!

  2. This is one of my favorites I've seen lately. You did fool me with the hair, but it looks fantastic!

  3. Hi great look, i like the necklaces!

  4. beautiful. it reminds me of Snow White somehow. It must be the lips and the tights. :)



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