Sunday, February 7, 2010


Valentino Red jacket. Ralph Lauren top. See by Chloé dress. Crocodile belt. Vintage woven necklace. Turquoise ring (a souvenir from my trip to St. Thomas). Hue lurex tights. Gucci bag. Chanel ballerinas.
Safari sojourn in a khaki tuxedo jacket & a flowery frock that's effective camo for a garden party. The jacket has a haphazard bow tie around the collar & I added a flower button; the dress dances circles in fields-of-gold colors... Every queen of the desert needs accoutrements: I'm adorned with a crocodile belt, Nefertiti's choker & a bamboo handle logo bag (the better to assimilate with natives of the urban jungle). I could trade my knuckle duster of a turquoise ring for supplies or else harness solar power to use the ring as a flare if I get lost out there. Are my shimmering tights a mirage, or will they lead the way to El Dorado?

1 comment:

  1. I love the beige and browns in this outfit! so chic


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