Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ballade of the Automobile

Vintage car coat. Coin belt. Beaded earrings. Vintage bakelite (a 20th birthday present) & Ben-Amun charm bracelets. Cable-knit tights. Chloé ‘Edith’ bag. Vintage Jcracker’s cowboy boots.
This suede car coat with mink collar was ♥love♥ at first sight (the intact silk lilac lining was icing on the cake). It’s from the 1960s, but car coats have been in circulation since the invention of automobiles; I’ve lusted after some Victorian ankle-length lovelies, but this mod one is swingy yet practical. I paired the overcoat with this honey of a bag (it’s by Chloé but masquerades as a 1970s purse) & a pair of vintage boots; I’m particularly prudent about antiquarian shoes, but these were barely worn before my feet graced them. When in doubt, add a belt or jewel: a jingly jangly coin belt hugs my waist, while a precious bakelite bracelet dangles charmingly around my wrist.


  1. What a unique belt! The little leaves are such pretty & delicate details. That coat is neat, as well!

  2. the belt is so lovely and original, makes an unexpected, but very well suited contrast to the coat!


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