Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Wears the Pants?

Catherine Malandrino top. See by Chloé pants. Vintage leather belt. Fur scarf. Vintage costume ball necklace. Vintage costume diamond & gold bracelets. Miu Miu embellished shoes.
I rarely wear pants, so the ones I wear have to be superlative - Katharine Hepburn would've worn these skinny trousers in the movie Desk Set if it was shot in 1985. They're black (natch), have a buttoned back pocket & are tapered to collapse perfectly at the ankles. A bluebell/carnation floral top is the yin to my pants' yang: it's pleasingly blousy, buttons up in turquoise fabric & is scalloped along the top/bottom with a border of petals. My supple leather belt can tie into a knot or bow & a fur scarf decorates my shoulders. The finishing touch on my outfit was a little blazer, making my ensemble worthy of Bunny Watson (aka Ms. Hepburn's character in the abovementioned office farce).


  1. Loving the fur!!! You look vixen-y with it!

  2. oh gosh ! your outfit is amazing ! i love it !!
    great blog ! you've got suh an awesome style !!


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