Monday, January 11, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

Vintage What Comes Around Goes Around (The Hurtigs of Vaughan St) trench. Agatha jeweled earrings. Vintage costume filigree & beribboned pearl bracelets. Hue cable-knit tights. Vintage needlepoint bag. Vintage Jcracker’s cowboy boots.
Fur + leather on 1 garment = the best way to be warm during winter. Usually I go straight to the source for vintage, but I cut to the chase with this double-breasted coat by The Hurtigs of Vaughan St: it was resurrected by the brand What Comes Around Goes Around & bought by me at Bergdorf Goodman. I was pleased to discover my fellow Bergdorf Blondes desire upscale vintage as much as I do. I was looking for a tie leather belt for awhile; little did I know I would find one wrapped like a ribbon around my furry dreamcoat.
Most of us have a colorful dating history - the authors of Lifebytes... Real Stories Blog write about & encourage their readers to share their experiences (chicken soup for the dating soul). They just posted some thoughts on date-dressing & cited my blog as a source of inspiration for when women want to look their best. I'm so flattered - thanks ladies!


  1. Congrats on your pics @ Citizen Couture!

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  2. I love your hair, the way it is styled in a "care-less" way, the white foundation of your makeup which contrasts nicely with the red lipstick. And you look gorgeous in this mink coat.

    The chevron design of the fur coat looks chic, but did you know that there was a cost-calculation behind it? The best and the most expensive mink coats are made from whole pelts, but small sections or patches around the edges of pelts pile up in the meantime. Those small sections are then joined, and in order to economize further, small strips of leather or suede are placed in between. This is the "frugal" side of fur industry, that nods towards eco-awareness.


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