Saturday, November 14, 2009

Princess Furball

Vintage shearling coat. Vintage chain belt. Vintage pearl drop earrings. Vintage costume pearl & amethyst rings. Black tights. Marc Jacobs 'Mina' bag. Lanvin suede shoes.
Three days of rain led me to explore one of my mom's closets, hoping to find Narnia, nirvana or a vintage gem... I emerged victorious with the latter: a heavy hooded shearling coat. It's big on me, but I realized it's supposed to be after thumbing through some old photograph albums (see the evidence below - I'm the one in the magenta snowsuit).
I embraced the holiday season by decking myself in gold: I cinched my waist with a buckle belt, strung pearl drop earrings through my ears & hung a chain strap bag on my shoulder. The city erected the great tree at Rockefeller Center & the smaller ones along Park Ave this week; serendipitously, I rediscovered this coat around the same time of year as the below picture was taken... The locale is one of those Park Ave islands with its tree lit up in gold.

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  1. loove the coat!!!!!!!!!!!! thats so cool that you have pictures of your mom in it too, what a cool thing to see :)i love your blog and ive linked you on mine. xx LC


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