Saturday, November 28, 2009

Almost Famous

Hanii Y coat. Anna Sui slip. Allison Daniels Designs belt. Fur hat. Vintage costume pearl & flower rings. Hue sheer polka dot tights. Chanel ‘Maxi’ bag. Lanvin ribbon ballerinas.
The transition from fall to winter is a time for comfort, both physically (seeking a shield from the outdoor elements) & spiritually (finding inner peace to endure the holiday season). I've avoided black winter coats in the past as they can seem severe but like the Victorian doll-style of this one's lace/fur. I accessorized with a tooled leather/floral buckle belt & a classic cotton candy purse - my dreamboat of a bag.
After I saw Almost Famous (my favorite movie forever), I deeply coveted Penny Lane's (played by Kate Hudson) wardrobe - especially her white fur hat. It was like coming home when I unexpectedly found my own hat a few years ago. I do my best shopping when I surprise myself with gifts versus buying for specific occassions.


  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely adore it! I just created my own, if you get a chance check it out!

  2. oh i love the hat! ultra chic. and your shoes, my oh my! i'm digging your blog for real.

  3. You look like a Russian model... I LOVE your outfits!! Très originale! :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. pink chanel ! so cute !


  5. Oh that is one gorgeous bag- I always like the style and you've got such a lovely colour.
    The belt buckle is such a nice touch.

    Florrie x


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