Monday, October 26, 2009

Tangled up in Plaid

Milly chubby. See by Chloe dress. Vintage Saks Fifth Ave belt. Vintage costume charm & vase necklaces. Satellite bracelet. Vintage costume stone & amethyst rings. Tintoretta tights. Chanel shoes.
Grunge meets glamour when my lavender plaid dress slips under this faux fur blonde jacket... The chubby came into play today because who couldn't use a fuzzy hug on a Monday? Even though I bought them separately, I knew these gray knit tights (sexed up with a lilac seam up the back) & this purple dress would complement each other. I love charm jewelry, especially when the charms are collected over time; this necklace consists of two hearts & a striped bow with a windmill/clogs (evocative of Amsterdam - another stop on my sister's world tour). Sometimes the stars align to bring happiness... These talismans may be auspicious, but I make my own luck.


  1. hi dear ! you look so great (as usual) ! that dress is so lovely and oh my that jacket ! i adore it so much . haha .
    have a nice day !

  2. those tights are fantastic - i have a sheer pair with a dark seam down the back, but i really like the light seam - awesome!


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