Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rosetta Stone

Vintage Ballantyne of Peebles cardigan. Rebecca Taylor dress. Vintage Dior belt. Vintage costume enamel earrings. Vintage costume pearl necklace. Vintage costume pearl & amethyst rings. Hue polka dot tights. Delman shoes.
I’m in a little black dress-mood & this one charmed me with its floral chiffon hem. Sometimes I have a style icon in mind as I dress - here I’m moonlighting as Audrey Hepburn at a day job. Polka dot tights seem to be a recurring theme this week as these sheer black stockings are spotted with pink & gray. Usually I'm wary of wearing the color camel because of my blonde complexion, but I'm partial to this cashmere collared sweater’s gold buttons & waffle woven bits.
Today I had lunch with an old friend - we both worked at Gotham/Hamptons magazines a few years ago & check in with each other periodically. The best kinds of friends are those with whom one may easily resume a relationship after being apart & it's as though no time passed... Similar to the rediscovery my old favorite cardigan, I remember the good times we had & am assured we'll have each other in the future.

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  1. i like your dress. and very interesting belt.


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